If Its Warm Yeah!

Jammies are nice in the winter but in the summer its so nice to be free. And if you are with a lover you dont want to faff around undoing stuff (thought its fun to dress for bed too!)
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I sleep nude more in the winter time than I do in the summer. In the summer I have to keep my bed room door open so that it stays cool air from the AC can get into my room. In the winter time I close my room off so that it stays cool in my room. I keep my room cold all winter long freezing almost. I have an electric blanket on my mattress that I only turn on 30 minutes on its lowest setting just before bed. I have a nice thick comforter and a floor fan. Winter time is the best weather for sleeping nude.

Sleeping naked IS the BEST. Although, sometimes in the winter when the wife isn't in the mood to cuddle, I'll put on my jammies.

I hate pj,s anytime<br />
only time i wear them is when i am sick

Yea. If God wanted us to have jammies, we would have been born with them!

Sleeping naked IS fun. I agree. Freedom from clothes means comfort; nothing riding up during the night. When It is warm, throw the covers off and feel the breeze across your body. Sometimes when it'sa little cool, throw the covers off and feel the same sensatiion. When it's cold, burrow into your cacoon, still naked, and sleep like a 3 year old.

Sleeping naked is fun - but its the getting to that state of undress which is really fun!