I Sleep Nude

One "good" thing about my wife is she likes for me to sleep nude. I have for years. She has admitted glancing at me and enjoying it.


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This is perfectly normal

This is perfectly normal

I can get excited from this

mmmmm... I love to sleep naked.... especially if I am sleeping with a man..... ( I am single) <br />
I love to feel him get hard as I turn on my side and slide my b u t t right up beside him.... <br />
Or if he has his back to me... I love to slide right up behind him.... touching my hard n i p p l e s to the most sensitive part of his back.... reaching around him to feel his nipples get hard.... sliding my hand on down to see what else is getting hard.....

I wish, we'd be a pair that's for sure!

Can't You get him to sleep nude? Have you asked him too?<br />
My wife says she doesn't mind me doing it but does not feel comfortable herself...