Can't Sleep Clothed...

I can't even remotely sleep when I'm clothed...I feel like I'm trapped!  I hate staying over at relatives or friend's homes just for that reason, I have to wear something to bed, and it's absolutely torturous.  Besides, the feeling of sliding nude across soft cotten sheets is heavenly 

natlynn natlynn
26-30, F
3 Responses Jun 15, 2007

I've always slept naked when visiting friends or relations. We both do. There have times when I / we have been awoken by the arrival of an early morning cup of coffee but our nudity has never been a problem. Pulling the sheets up is all that is needed. If conversation follows I woud assume sitting up is almost expected and the sheet will slip, but as naked shoulders are a sure clue, I'm fine with that.


I totally agree with you!