No Constrictions

There's a reason I don't wear PJs. They always get tangled up under the covers and I end up taking them off anyway. The only time I wear something before bed is because it's too cold not to or I have a roommate that I'd rather not be naked in front of.

Other than that, I try to do it as much as I can. I love the feeling of cool sheets against my bare skin no matter where that bare patch is. Just feeling something slick against your skin without it being greesy is more than just nice. It's tingly. It feels like swimming in cloth.

If it's warm enough, it's even better to not have the covers on at all. Just having the air flow over you and make the hairs rise with every blow from the window or air conditioner. If you're in a crowded house, you sometimes wish someone would just walk in a catch you sleeping there. What would they say when you woke up? How do you know they didn't see you already? You may never know.

Possibly the best part is having someone there next to you. Having a warm body to hold or hold you while you sleep with nothing separating your bodies but the smallest cushon of air.

Nakedness, being bare to the world, is lovely in every sense of the word. Being naked while asleep adds a sense of intended vulnerability to your actions which makes it all the more valuable to those who practice it. I do it. Why doesn't everyone?

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Nov 6, 2008