Always Have

Except for socks in winter. My feet catch cold easily.

I have never owned pajamas of any sort. When I visit somewhere, I take an extra pare of pans and a t-shirt to act as a night wear, but I found wearing something when I sleep uncomfortable. No one in my family wore my anything while sleeping, and it took me a while to figure out that some people (most people?) don't do that way.

But honestly, I don't get it. Guess it's a habit of some sort, but I never caught it. Why buy nice, soft satin sheets and then sleep in cotton pants? And the heat. I think you would either have to sleep without a blanket or have a temperature of 15 degrees in order to not weak up all sweaty. Uck.

Nah, better without.

Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

I absolutely agree. How can you sleep when every time you roll over, your clothing tries to strangle you?