I've slept naked every night for quite some time now, and it's the most relaxing sleep you'll ever get. In the summer, you'll keep your body nice and cool, and in the winter you can cuddle up with a bunch of blankets to feel all warm and safe and comfortable. Sometimes the best thing is that if you take your showers at night like I do, you can just hop right into bed after you take one and get all warm with the blankets.

Not only do I sleep naked, but I wake up naked too. I usually don't put any clothes on until after I've at least eaten breakfast.

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Nothing new for me. I've been sleeping nude for over 4 years. Its the only way I can sleep.

Been sleeping naked for a long time now and love it

There is no other way to sleep, anyone who reads this should try it for a week and see how great it feels.

Sleeping naked really is great. It's sad that there's so many closed minded people who wouldn't even dare consider it. It really is a great thing for everyone to try, enjoy nudity for what it is because it really is a personal freedom

When it's hot out, we will take a shower and just get in bed wet. Of course, we don't go right to sleep, so I guess by the time we do doze off, we're somewhat dry, but still naked.

Intersesting. How that works, as we discovered before.<br />
You have a good point and smart thinking about talking the shower right before climbing into bed. <br />
It'll be not to wake up naked, if you go to sleep that way. Does that mean that you don't have to work early if you're never in a hurry to get dressed?

Well, I meant you dry off first

I don't like bringing my wet self to bed! The naked morning is a grand time of sensual pleasures beyond compare. Thanks for sharing.