Lucky Housekeeper

I dont used to sleep naked  in beb, but recently here in the phillipines the climate is so hot and we experiencing a summer hot weather.every night i took  a bath to cool my self off but in summer month, even in the evening the breez of the air is quit hot , so that time im only wearing  my boxers but still  I feel so sweaty, so I take off my boxers and sleep naked.. in the next day I dont remember to lock my door. Evey morning our house keerper cleans my room, and I didnt notice her while shes doing her thing,  Suddenly I felt someone touched my manhood, Im so embarass that a pretended to be a sleep,that incident every time I look at her she just giggle and smile at me.well as an Asian guy, maybe im bless with a huge pet.

necrolyete11 necrolyete11
26-30, M
Mar 14, 2010