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I Really Do Love The Smell

I love the smell of clean sheets. And I love getting into a bed that is freshly laundered. I love to fall asleep just smelling a freshness.
friendlynudist friendlynudist 36-40, F 5 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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Along with clean sheets a squeaky clean female is nice too.

Absolutely agree 100% one of the world's finest sensations

Best thing is to sleep nude in clean sheets!

I agree

Me too. But mine are over a week old now. Maybe ten days........Ewwwwww!

I need to change mine soon too

It was even more fun when I was a kid and my mother used to dry the sheets outside on a clothesline.

they do smell good when done like that.

I remember that too. In the summer it woudl often rain and then we all had to make a mad dash out to the clothesline to retrieve all the sheets and other clothes before they got too wet.