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I Really Do Love The Smell

I love the smell of clean sheets. And I love getting into a bed that is freshly laundered. I love to fall asleep just smelling a freshness.
friendlynudist friendlynudist 36-40, F 6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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Along with clean sheets a squeaky clean female is nice too.

Absolutely agree 100% one of the world's finest sensations

Best thing is to sleep nude in clean sheets!

I agree

Me too. But mine are over a week old now. Maybe ten days........Ewwwwww!

I need to change mine soon too

It was even more fun when I was a kid and my mother used to dry the sheets outside on a clothesline.

they do smell good when done like that.

I remember that too. In the summer it woudl often rain and then we all had to make a mad dash out to the clothesline to retrieve all the sheets and other clothes before they got too wet.

So what kind of sheets do you prefer . Me I like the feel of bamboo for spring/ summer and fleece/flannel for fall/ winter

I don't have bamboo but that sounds nice. I just have cotton sheets. no flannel.

If you find the bamboo thread ones so comfortable against the nude body, and they get softer when washed.

Flannel sheets are very nice in the winter time.

now is that a true 1200 thread count or 600 doubled over?

Flannel is great sometimes to good and one does not need the top covers.

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