I Love Sleeping Under The Stars

I love sleeping on my roof under the stars. Feeling the cool night breeze play across my face as i stare up into the lights in space, letting all my worries fade away..let me try to replicate this feeling for you.


You're lying down on a bed of cool grass. The stars are shining faintly. You hear a grasshopper whistling it's tune, in a non-annoying way. A fountain is running lazily nearby, it's calm sound serenading you as you feel your eyelids begin to droop. You smell the sweet smell of fresh roses from a bed nearby, and off in the distance a coyote howls a warm note. As you close your eyes a breeze blows, sending a chill down your spine as the cold relaxes you and pushes you into the land of dreams.

zaknalfein zaknalfein
18-21, M
Feb 22, 2010