Mother In Law

so my mother in law just got back from mexico and called me she wants me to come over tomarrow and help her in the yard i havent seen her since wu ****** in my pool but i believe she is ready for round two i plan on ******* her brains out in my father in laws bed while he is working
candychvy candychvy
26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 19, 2011

Do you still ***** her until now

Just ****** her last night

wow bet she is super hot hey would love to hear more please add me :)

You can always blame it on the predominant DNA of the mom, specially if he is light colored... By the way, that is so hot and arousing, one big family!

hope fully

well **** happens now it is up to you and her to explain that she is such a horny MIL that she came onto you