It Was Love At First Sound, I Tell You!!!

There I was at the mall with Nora on Friday and we go into Hot Topic.  There we are looking at all the Halloween costumes and makeup when Nora finally pays for the zombie energy drink she got and we are about to leave.  Then suddenly, oh so suddenly, something stopped me from leaving...

They were playing a song and it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard.  I was so entranced and enchanted.  I couldn't leave the store.  I must find out what the song was called, I must!!

But being the shy girl that I am, I was too shy to go up to the Hot Topic worker and ask them what the song was called.  So I made Nora do it and she did.  "Don't sleep at the helm by Sleeping With Sirens," the Hot Topic worker said.  I made a mental note to myself to check out the band later.  In the meantime, Nora could not drag me out of Hot Topic until the best song I have ever heard in the world was over.

The next day on Saturday, showtime.  It was time to check out the band.  I had forgotten the name of the song so I decided to listen to Sleeping With Sirens' songs one by one (They're a new band so they don't have so many yet) and ohmygosh...

My ears cried hallelujah!!!!  The music was so beautiful it hurt my soul so good!!!  It nearly moved me to tears!  I loved every single song they had to death.  It was wonderful, I tell you!!!  It touched me deep...

Just one thing though:  The world may never know if the lead singer is a dude or a chick.  Sounds like a chick, doesn't look anything like one.  I goggled asking Kellin Quinn's gender and people are just as confused as I am.  Nobody knows.  Some sites say she's a female.  Other's say he's a male so there's no way of knowing for sure.  The only way to find out... his or her true gender would be if he or she... O.o
Yeah, I think I'll just stick with my curiosity in regards to the gender of the dude/chick until he/she admits her gender or someone finds out some other way and admits it to the press, lol. 
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Kellin Quinn made beautiful baby girl with his own ****... I hope that answers your question LOL

Dont fall Asleep at The Helm is the most amazing song on the planet, and Kellin Quinn is the most sexiest MAN on the planet with the most beautiful voice ever and the most beautiful babe girl ever. Just sayin :)

WTFFF Kellin Quinn Is a guy(lead singer)!!!!! -.- and a hot one at that. Why in the world would you maybe think he is a girl. If he was a girl, then Kellin would have a pretty deep voice. He just sings in a high pitch which makes his voice sound soooo sexy <3 lol

hes a boy, married to katelynne quinn and they just had there first kid together copelyn conferiming he does have a peniss... I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM THOUGH HAHHA HE IS GORGOUS AND HIS MUSIC IS PERFECT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU CAN ASK ME ! AND PS I GGETT TO MEET HIM IN 19 DAYSS WOOOHOO

Wow, that's great!!!! Tell the fellow I said hi and to come play in California, yeah? XD

hes been playing in california for 2 days hes in san fran today and i think hes there for 2 more days playing the warped tourrr

Ah. San Francisco is eight hours away from where I live. -.- No wonder Ticketmaster didn't notify me. Well, tell them to play in Los Angeles, lol!

they already played pomona, san fran, and ventura, chula vistas there laast one and its tomorrow :3

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*edit* Like many bands like this, the guitar and lyrics are fine, it's just certain vocals annoy my ears. It's higher pitched, but not quite, and sorta sounds like two people or something.. Idk.

Seems to me that he's a guy, but his voice is just feminine. Sorta like Dahvie Vanity, Strify, some other guys I can't think of..<br />
<br />
I don't really like this band, my opinion..

they are such an amazing band and....i'm stumped on that one too O_O