I started during a hot spell last summer . It is good to feel the sheets on my bare body. especially in the summer without sheets and feeling a breeze.from the open window. It does create a problem with my wife who is exceptionally modest. She wears a long nightie. She also feels cold at night and needs more covers than I do. As a result, we sleep in different bedrooms,. She tried sleeping naked once but she could not get to sleep, so that was that.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Sleeping naked?? of course I do.. Even when I was a teenager and went to bed with pj's on I always woke up naked. I would kick them off cause every time you moved they would bunch up even more.<br />
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I own 1 pair of PJ's that are reserved for unexpected over-night guests....

You're right - in the right circumstances (weather, room temperature allowing) it feels so relaxing to sleep naked, especially under cool cotton sheets.<br />
To be intertwined with someone in this position is also pretty good :o)

Sorry to hear that... Sleeping in the nude is, indeed, such a pleasant experience. And you're not alone... I wouldn't give it up just because it bothered someone, either. =P People shouldn't be so uncomfortable with such a natural thing.