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Sleeping My Life Away

I have worked and struggled for 16 years. I never missed a day unless i was dead to the world. Since the loss of my career and all that i had been been working toward for these years, including college and training, sleep seems to be the most seductive way to deal with my life. im not talking about a solid nights rest, im talking a day or more. If there was a coma pill i would take it because waking from my dreams is like reliving all my failures each and every day. My sleeeping is relaxing and my life is happy, my friends are friends and family is still behind me and alive. so why spend my time in a wakening world?
BECAUSE i am alive and there are 100000000 things i can do that can satisfy my needs and desires. My life may be **** but there are always others whos lives are worse.. I hate when people say that, Screw them and their pittiful lives. I am talking about me and my life. I dont want to hear about those less fortunate. I have to have some sort of desire to even be alive before i can care about those poor bastards. So i will try to be sober, to wake up and do something each day. I still love to sleep but at some point in my life i will hopefully get the same feeling from dreams that i will from each waking day. and so should everyone else or what is life worth.
ppnhli ppnhli 31-35, M Jan 18, 2012

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