Windowless Void

I got stuck in a windowless void a while back for a few days. Part of an experiment by the KLF, or maybe the Soup Dragons, not quite sure, but there was no clocks. Anyway I went to a 36 hour cycle (life cycle, not a bike ride) sleep 12 hours awake 24. Seems this is the natural patten for humans and we just adapt to 24 hour days because of light and darkness pattens on earth!! That's maybe why I struggle to sleep! That and sleep apnea but that's a differant story. Night all!! x
danpockets danpockets
36-40, M
3 Responses Feb 10, 2012

dan remember the time we got attacked in birkenhead by that terror cell and they stole the meat raffle money

Yeah! what a nightmare that was!! Raffle tickets all over the place... they had ak47s and flash bangs!!


never enough hours in the day dude