Why Am I Always Sleeping

Im at the end of my theder with loosing out in life because Im always asleep.
From early age I had been showing sighns of being tierd all the time.Ok my early life as a boy wasnt always great.
My sleep as a young boy nearly always was inturupted by some one waking me up.
Ok please for give me here but Im just going to tell you guys this.
My Dad drank and he left my mam when I was six.Most nights I woke up to him lashing out at my mam.
Some nights I woke up to partys.So ok there you have it.I only reconized my sleep deprive when I was sevan or so.
Please forgive my spellings....I also missed schools because I was always tired.
I want to fast forword things.Well ok Im 33 now I have lived a life of drugs because Im always tired and unhappy.
My teens I began to fall into a some what state of (Maybe sleeping).I just lie there and my body cant move or call for help.
I hear and see every thing around me but my body cant do what my mind tells it to do.I start to see dark shadows and hear demons laughing and cursing at me *** this thing gets closer it gets Darker and darker I now prey in my mind.It just goes.Im free but I still feel this evil thing around me.ANY WAY that is some things that happen to me.What I realy am asking people is why am I always tired I sleep ten hours then im tiered agin in half hour later.I dont work I cant this thing that I have rules my life.Im not just lazy.This is a lot more.Please if theres a name for this please tell me.Some one said it could be norecolepsey agin my spellings..But reading up on that they speak of a fit and I dont have fits Im just tierd and I sleep a hour to hour....please help me.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Well as far as when you couldn't mOve but know what's goin on around you, it sounds like sleep paralysis. Research that up on google cause that's what I get too. It includes the demonic voices and lucid dreams and hallucinations. Those are apart of sleep paralysis.  Also, being tired all the time to the point where it affects your daily life can be a condition known as kleine-levin syndrome. It is basically where your body goes into a hibernation mode. It's very rare though.. Also it could simply be depression or some psychological thing where your mind subconsciously has been affected by what's happened to you in your younger years. That could very well be it. Maybe a psychologist could help figuring this out. They do know a lot. Research the things ive mentioned on google. I hope the best for you.

Thankks and that was helpfull Iv booked in to see some one so ill keep you up on things bye thanks