I Need To Cut Down On The List Of Things More Important Than Sleep

I moved to night shift not so long ago, and sometimes now it seems as if sleep is a luxury that i cannot afford.  Don't get me wrong, i LOVE working nights and its a wonderful thing,  tranquility most of the time, nobody bothers me and i make more money,

but but but-  the last time i worked nights i had more people close by that were open to the hours i was awake.  I could get home from work, socialize with my people go to bed and wake up to dinner.  I could party all night long on my nights out ... or whatever it is i used to do for fun.

NOW, it seems that if i want to see my friends i have to juggle sleep, same with doing laundry (which i do at my parents) or pretty much anything else that involves other people.  I spend time fantasizing about sleeping until my body says its time to get up instead of at the call of a sadistic alarm clock.


my day off is coming!!!
Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

ive worked pretty hard to keep my sleep patterns on track for the most part, i find i spend a lot more time with my partner as we are working on improving our diets and exercise

night shift has it's advantages but, after almost 20 years of working it, it's wrecked my motivation to do much when i'm off. that and my sleep patterns being all over the place are the biggest disadvantages for me.

you are active person am impressed