My Insomnia Gets In The Way.

I enjoy the feel of being swathed in warm covers with my head positioned perfectly on my pillow and that languid sensation of timeless surrender that holds me when sleep comes. If only this happened more often.
Mostly, I pace, read, watch movies, surf the internet and stew about not being able to sleep. Prescriptions sleep aids have unpleasant side effects, over the counter remedies have no effect, warm milk, SleepyTime Tea, soft music and natures sounds,mantras and meditative techniques. I have tried it all. Nothing seems effective past the first two weeks. I do seem able presently to go to bed at sunup and sleep until afternoon. Keeping vampire hours is very frustrating for me and my dear husband.
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I know the feeling. I have spent my share of time pacing and channel surfing as well.
I have a deep dislike for infomercials because of it. I do hope it is improving for you.

Dear ken, my sympathies are with you. Infomercials should be banned and banished from all airways! My own insomnia is still progressing nicely as I sit here in the wee hours typing away. It seems I can't conquer it so I embrace it with words.

I understand all too well . . . except I don't get that much sleep . . . last couple months I have been getting 2 hours sleep a night . . . well morning . . . whether I need it or not . . . hahahaha . . . before that 3 and a half hours . . . I wish you sleep my friend . . .

Oh, my word, getting only 2 hours is putting you inside the parameters for all types of issues from deprivation. I do hope you find a way to ease this. I wish a considerable amount of more sleep for you as well.
I know many do well on considerably less then the recommended 8 hours. Our sleep requirements can diminish with age as well. If this pattern remains I can only hope you are one who can exist healthfully inside this anomaly.

awww . . . thanx jess . . . no I'll be fine . . . doesn't really seem to affect me so it's really not a problem . . . if fact I love staying up all night long . . . I soooo love the night . . . thank you for your sweetness . . . have you tried melatonin ? . . . it's a natural sleep supplement . . . found in your local pharmacy with the other vitamins . . .

You're quite welcome maltese. I must admit that I too enjoy the serene calm of the nights. I am currently using melatonin. I have managed a moderate improvement. I can now sleep from 11:00 to about 1:00 a.m. I do still need to sleep for awhile during the day to supplement this. I am retired now so doing this is far easier then when I worked.

ahhh very good . . . that's ok . . . day naps are totally cool . . . so long as your getting enough sleep for yourself . . . yes . . . thank god we don't have to work . . . that would be completely dreadful not being able to sleep . . . counting my blessings . . .

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