Before the birth of my first child, I could sleep a good ten hours overnight, easy peasy... Then life changed - dramatically!  Although my son was a great baby and settled well, I, like all new parents, got into the habit of "half-conscious" sleeping... I've never really been able to enjoy a good solid few hours at a time since, waaaaaaa.  My usual "routine" consists of FINALLY dozing off, then 2 hours later waking to the sound of the toilet flushing (or in the boys' case sometimes actually hearing 'em pee, lol).. back to drift, then someone's up getting water, then someone sneaks into my bed while I'm half-asleep and too tired to argue.. Ten minutes later, their unconscious gymnastics start and go on until I drag my sleep-deprived self to another part of the house to catch some precious zzz's before being woken by a direct ray of sunlight 30 minutes later.  So yeah, if I could get it, sleep would be like gold to me! 
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Do you ever feel like the BEST sleep you get is the minutes before the alarm goes off..UGH!

always acknowledge god as the giver of sound sleep.u will be suprised at the quality of sleep.