Sweet, Sweet Zzz's

sleeping is the only time i'm able to escape my daily pain.  while sleeping i may still feel the pain but i'm not conscious of it.  which is fine by me!

not to mention i dream vividly.  i have the most colorful and detailed dreams of anyone i know.  most generally these dreams, after much thought, reveal things to me.  sometimes it's insignificant and sometimes it's so much more.

i love sleeping!  i love the way i feel after i've had a good, deep rest. 

i wish so much employers would close each afternoon for 2-3 hours and allow people the opportunity to nap.  if people would take advantage of this we might be a more productive society.  perhaps not.  BUT ...  i read a study about people who napped daily all their lives in comparison to those who slept 7-9 hrs/night all their lives.  the nappers lived longer and healthier lives! 

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
31-35, F
1 Response Jun 28, 2007

I too love to sleep and take naps daily anymore. It's so nice to be on my own schedule and not the schedule of some boss or corporate entity. I used to sneak in the bathroom and sit in a stall and nap for a few minutes. That was helpful. All I need is about 20 minutes to replenish my energy and I'm good to go again for a few hours. I used to fly in my sleep but haven't done that in awhile. Wish I could do it again! Mox