i love sleeping.

this is my primary defense against loneliness, sadness even happiness. i dont know why but i think im addicted to it. haha! i just feel like when i sleep i am very much secured and i can go to places i have never been before through my dreams. sounds pathetic but true. My imagination lets me experience love, popularity, even supernatural powers! haha! oh well.

i just love sleeping! hehe!
toph toph
5 Responses Jul 23, 2007

I share your feeling about sleeping and dreams .

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I feel this way, also. I was attracted to your post because you said you use sleep to escape, and the first thing you mentioned trying to escape, was loneliness. I also use sleep to escape loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Plus, as you all have mentioned, it is a safe, secure place. It is peaceful. When I go to sleep, it often feels like, for that moment in time, everything will be okay. Plus, I enjoy dreaming. I often find myself feeling almost disappointed when I wake up.

I never realized there were others who love to sleep as much as I do. It is a safe place. Even if something happens when you are sleeping - you usually don't know it. I have been a "sleeper" all my life. I don't dream or remember them - I used to fly in my sleep but not anymore. Just peaceful sleep.

I share your feelings :) nice observation