Why I Love My Sleep

In the past I used to love to sleep....get to bed early...then wake up with five rushed minutes to spare before my bus came to get me. But I had a reason, I did it, like many others, because I was horribly depressed. The places I went to in my dreams were so much better than the places I could be at in real life. I went on like this until the end of last school year...

Now, I still love my sleep, and still attempt to get too much of it...but it's for a different reason. I met someone, who I would venture to say might be "The One", and unfortunately he moved! Even still our relationship holds strong. So...now...when I sleep i'm no longer escaping my depression and uncertainties...i'm taking full advantage of my ability to dream vividly in color. Anything suffices, a hug, a conversation, if I can only see him in my dreams i'd like to sleep forever.

Ritsuka Ritsuka
18-21, F
Oct 3, 2007