I love to sleep because I love to dream.  I sometimes can't wait to see what I'm going to dream about.  I remember most of my dreams & I find them very fascinating.  I always wonder if dreams are random thoughts, past experiences, future happenings, desires, outlets for emotions, a delve into the deep subconscious mind or maybe all of the above. 

I don't feel like I get enough sleep, so I sleep whenever I can.  Sometimes it's not long enough & I feel worse when I wake up.  I think it's because the sleep cycle wasn't completed.  I also have trouble staying asleep for a complete cycle (I would guess 6-8 hrs).  I sometimes wish I could take a magic pill that would just knock me out for a full 8hrs without interruption & let me wake up feeling like a new person.

I always wonder if it's my vivid dreaming that prevents a great sleep.

darlene darlene
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4 Responses Oct 20, 2007

yes i love to sleep, because you can escape from the real world and you can just relax, we all know the real world is the real world not dreamland. but if you are dreaming of a bad nightmare and you wake up, its like good that it was only a dream.

sleeeeeping is ma lovely girl <br />
<br />
but i think when i sleep i leave my World and Go 2 my real World <br />
<br />
4 real dreamin is my real World <br />
<br />
live my life in My Own <br />
<br />
and u don't need Money there loool :P

"...maybe all of the above."<br />
i definitely think it's all of the above. <br />
<br />
our life's greatest mysteries are sometimes solved within our dreams- too bad i haven't mastered interpreting my own!

That's the same with me. I look forward to my dreams and sometimes I get really annoyed when I don't remember anything about a dream at all. Like I just closed my eyes for one second and then its morning the next.