Its My Own Time Out.

I am a person who burns the candle at both ends,i tend to sleep when my body gives up as i am kept up most nights by my thoughts and my personal fears as i am a victem of haters,who feel the need to use me as a way of getting noticed and respected.When i am a sleep these people dont matter and they dont enter my world as i dont believe in making people"s life apart of my own or les they are family and people that are close to me.I dream about getting away from the people who just cant seem to live their own life without interfearing in any body elses,.i think about the good times i have had in my past and the nice people i have come across wwhich seems to be such a long time ago as every body i come across now are not worth even paying any notice of as they seem so eaten up with anger and pain,and a need to be excepted by other people alike,who live to cause trouble and seek out the weak and different.This world has to much hate and when i close my eyes all i feel and all i notice goes to a different place,i wish i could take the pain and hate that drives people to do the worst things that you can think of like  killing and targeting people, and taking part in mass killings through wars,and earthquakes , why cant people enjoy life to the full and be at peace,but if only dreams could come true the world would be a better place with out all the pain and suffering that other people put others through. 

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2010