Is Something I Enjoy The Most

is the only time I get to relieve all that stress and takes me away from reality, I get in a better mood, think straight, the only problem is when somene interrupt my sleep time, I get cranky and start treating people like crap, can't really notice the difference from reality or dream

OoLunaoO OoLunaoO
10 Responses Mar 11, 2010

lol better not I like to have another spanish Luna around ;)

waaaw now my nick name will be misslazyllena, lol <br />
just kidding

yes it is lol

i loveeeeeee sleep too, wow is the best sleeping in afternoon time when u dont have nothing to do, its a little lazy, is it??????lol

usually when I do that is cuz I'm not on my 5 senses and need to recharge my batteries =)

yes it helps in so many ways unfortunately I'm sleeping less =/

awww... another sleeping beauty... one is me ^^ <br />
<br />
sleeping is also like when a computer gotta process something and needs process time ^^, it happens a lot with me :)

Amen XD

Sleep the slumber of the Gods because you are.