I Love My Traditional Carpet Slippers...

I have an absolute passion for old-fshioned or traditional carpet slippers, and would wear them (along with my plimsolls - see my other story) all the time if only that were possible. My favourites are the ones made of corduroy, velour, or checked tartan wool, with elasticated side gussets for comfort and ease of slipping on and off. I also like the zip-bootee and velcro fastening style of slippers. I particularly like wearing my slippers out of doors and have even worn them to work on occasions. I'm not sure where my love of slippers comes from, as I did not like having to wear them as a child. Back then, whenever we visited friends or family, I always had to take my slippers with me. Also at school, when the weather was wet, I had to regularly change from wellies to my slippers or plimsolls in the classroom. As most kids were taken to school by car, they wore normal school shoes even in wet weather. So I was one of the few kids who was regularly in my plimsolls or slippers. Somehow the embarrasment of this as a child has evolved into the opposite as an adult. Despite still sometimes being embarrased while wearing them, I just love the look and feel of slippers - the soft fabric (especially corduroy), the smell of the rubber sole, the comfy snug feel of the elasticated fit, and the cheapness of them. Lately I have also come to like the "bootee" style of slipper, despite this being worn mostly by senior citizens (I am only 45!).
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so love the great british slippers they are the best i have 3 pairs and awaiting delivery of my 4th.
these are the old style dad slippers of the 60's and 70's and have that great bendy rubber sole that i still remember my dad and many mates dads using across our bare backsides, but i still love them lol.

Comfy feet equals a happy life.

I am the same. We had to wear slippers when we took our wellies off too but I loved it at the time. Even as a four and five year old it turned me on. I love all slippers but particularly the rubber soled ones, the smell of the rubber is a delight. I love the yellow rubber soles under (as you say) the twin gusset traditional slipper. Great British Slippers sold by WA Clarke are the only slippers I know who still do this type and I have a wardrobe of them in case they ever stop making them.

Me too! My favorite ones are corduroy with the tan rubber soles. <br />
(most famous brand was pirelli) I have several pairs and I wear <br />
them all the time when I am at home. <br />
I also leave them on when going out to grab coffee etc.

You should wear your favourite slippers all the time, not just at home! I'm wearing mine almost every day at work, and loving it! PS where can you buy decent "Pirelli" style corduroy slippers these days - can you help me out here???

you can get nice ones at waclarke.co.uk

I have all type of favorite shoes. I like to wear canvas lace-ups
and slip-ons when i am working etc, but my carpet slippers are reserved
for home.

FYI I am currently into wearing black corduroy slippers from Matalan. They do have black soles, but they are quite thick, durable and rubbery, not hard and plasticky. These slippers are smart, comfy, fit very well and are normal as opposed to wide-fitting. The corduroy is quite thickly-ribbed and particularly soft; nevertheless the slippers seem to hold their shape and appearance after a lot of wear. Wet weather withstanding, I wear these slippers outdoors and to work in place of shoes. At £6 a pair, incredible!

You've described me to a tee. I love traditional rubber soled carpet slippers, in fact I am obsessed with them. As they don't seem to make them like they used to I buy loads of them and stock up in case one day they stop altogether. I hate those M&S plastic soles, yuck. Am so glad someone else feels this way about slippers not just me.