A Whole Life Addiction

I have worn slippers since I was a little kid, some say that it's childish thing, but I love wearing them at home, they're so comfy an cute. These are my last pair.

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With pretty feet like yours you should wear slippers. I would love to see more pics of your pretty feet.

What size are those feet? Are they ticklish. Lol cute shoes.

I used to wear slippers every day my final year in high school but them my feet would start to get hot after I got a new pair and I have never been able to find that perfect pair that is comfy and still breathable. Maybe one day I will find a pair that works on hot Texas days and cool Texas nights.

Hey, slippers are comfy...wearing bare feet on carpet, is bad for the carpet...apparently, something about the oils on our feet?! Anyway, slippers are awesome!!!

you look good in them

lol , oh ... I thought you meant rubber slippers.... Hey , you do what makes you feels good.... ever buy the slippers in the form of animals ? tiger , dolphin, tazmainian devil .....

They are cute!!!

nice i bet you have amazing leg3

looks great on you :)

those are way cute and I think it is sexy that you wear them,

I love slippers , too. I'd love to know you, share with you my feelings

There's nothing wrong with that. I made my own moccasins to wear at home @ sometimes out locally. Those are cute, being playful keeps you from becoming too serious. More people should lighten up and have fun.

Now they look like a comfy pair of slippers!!

Cute pair of pinkies.... :-)
Isn't that Scooby-Doo sitting on your foot?

There cute u like them enough said

Is nothing wrong with that. If I had the money I will go to Walmart and buy decorative pajamas. You like what you like that looks like a dog with the cupcake with a bone in its mouth. Keep your feet clean ha ha