They protect my toes and keep my feet warm. I like my novelty slippers best. In the past I have had bees, Spiderman, pigs, sheep, monkeys and that's what I remember so far. I still wear novelty slippers and enjoy wearing them.
Gumba1000 Gumba1000
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LOL .. :)

Slippers are extraordinary. Mine are plain, but I like seeing novelty slippers. I think they bring out the playful side in people. Long may yours last and your collection grow!

You should get yourself some.

You are right, I should. I shall see what takes my fancy.

Yes I could. I shall have to see whether I have been a good enough boy to deserve them.

I thought you were going to say 'I'm sure he would fill your stocking'.

Not so much a surprise, as entirely expected, where my bum and slippers are concerned.

Do you have big feet?

Not really. Size 7; so I suppose quite small.

Same as me

I am glad.

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