Slipper Obsession

So, I just recently bought 2 new pairs of slippers. I was looking for a pair of soft sole moccassin slippers, with the laces on them that go all around the slipper, I had a pair like this when I was younger, and I wanted the same thing, only fluffier! Anyway, I was at the mall yesterday and there was a kiosk with sheepskin slippers (Lamo is the brand), sadly they didn't have what I wanted. But I tried on a pair of hard sole mocs that are insanely soft and fluffy inside, so I couldn't resist. Today I found a pair alot like what i wanted (Minnetonka brand), not as fluffy as I wanted, and the sole has a hard rubber bottom, but it just looks glued on. So, then I decided, oh well, I'll get these 2. So, now I've got 2 brand new pairs of slippers that are both pretty darn comfy! Not sure which I like better yet.

I'm a pretty impulsive buyer, especially with slippers. Including a ton of old pairs which I just haven't throw away, I now have 12 pairs. Yeah, that's a ton, especially for a guy, but I do wear them every moment i'm home! Anyone else as obsessed with slippers as I am?

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4 Responses Dec 31, 2009

I hate to wear regular shoes i wear slippers all the time and even to the supermarket.😊

Hi there. Absolutely love slippers! Obsessed. Let's cat!

get the minnetonka ankle boot soft soled mocs with the fringe around,,hippie looking, they are the most comfortable

I absolutely do have an obsession for comfort. I wear slippers all the time when I'm home and they make me so comfy! If i spend alot of money on slippers it's alright, I'll wear them out eventually and have another pair ready to wear<br />
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As for the comments about my gender, I'm not really effeminate. I'm not the most masculine man in the world, but definitely not real feminine. I'm just a guy who really likes slippers!