I Rather Wear Slippers

If I could I would wear slipper everywhere that I go, I love the way that they feel on my feet.  I have more slippers than regular shoes, when I come home from work I take off my shoes and put on my slippers (awww comfort, I feel relaxed, life is wonderful)

Since I have this new puppy, he has been getting to my slippers, I walked through the door today, and what did I see my newest pair of slippers downstairs.  I screamed at him, and immediately put him out in the backyard.  That is his punishment, he has to stay out in the snow.

But my feet are nice and comfy.

fruitopia fruitopia
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1 Response Jan 8, 2010

awwwww maybe you can get him some doggy slippers :P <br />
when my dog hurt her paw when she was little, the vet gave us some things to put over her front paws to stop the sores opening up again. -and they were pretty funky - they looked like little trainers with laces and everything... she didnt like them too much though *tehe* they were kinda eaten!