Hot and steamy. Wet and fervent. Heated and animalisitc.

Wonderful each one.

But passion. Slow and building.

The gentle kiss that becomes longer and longer.

Touching each others hair and moving slowly.

Tasting, truly tasing the very breath of the one you are with.

Feeling the tenderness of the lips. The slow movements, soft and gentle.

They last so long, and yet not long enough.

Allowing your heart to build, yet relax. Wanting only more.

Tongues intertwined, the gentle bite on the lower lip.

Touching their face, held in your hands as your lips dance slowly.

Feeling their intensity grow as you calm them and relax, relax in the moment.

The joy of longevity.

Things will progress with time, but for now.

The kiss

The kiss of passion

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1 Response May 15, 2010

Wonderfully put. Thanks for sharing