The First French Kiss

I am from a very straight and narrow background, and I didn't start dating until I was a Junior in high school. I didn't get really serious about anyone until I got to college, which is when I managed to explore the sexual side of a relationship for the first time. Even though I wasn't very serious about the girl I was dating at the time, I was still interested in exploring my way of relating to the opposite sex. I was a Senior in high school working at a camp during the summer between my high school and my college freshman year, and she was a year younger...a Junior in high school going into her senior year in high school. Anyhow, I hadn't really had that many kissing experiences, but I remember that we had spent a week or so hanging out together doing a lot of fun things. She was much more experienced than I was, so I learned very quickly that you learn to relax and kiss with your heart....not your lips. Of course, I like to think I was a good kisser at first, but I think I was pretty awkward...probably like a trumpet player starting to play the trumpet. I loved the feeling of her lips...they were soft...and PURRFECT. Of course, there were stirrings elsewhere in my body..but when I discovered French was all out kiss - a - rama from there on out. I loved the texture of her tongue...her lips...and she would sometimes bite my lower lip a little as I was pulling away. It was incredible. Of course, I had very chapped lips for a week or two, but I still look back on that summer a decade later...and remember the feeling of her lips.
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Leading with your heart is the way to go, I think. You did a great job of relating the kissing sessions, I can imagine how it would feel on my lips. Thanks for sharing!