The Best

the initial feel of lips on lips. the taste. tongue moving into mouth. the slow unstoppable arousal. holding her face as we kiss. body against body. enjoying the present. anticipating the future.

irishblue irishblue 18-21, M 12 Responses Jun 19, 2011

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lady killer sex machine! note to self: do not let this guy wrap you around his finger.

*looks at finger ... Folded? Is that you?*

lmaoo as if you wouldn't recognize this ;)

I think I recognise it but a taste test may be necessary:)

This is wonderful!! Its Passionate with Sensuality

Thank you:) I really appreciate your feedback

Oh gosh (:

my boyfriend is the best kisser EVER! i love touching his lips....kissing his lips.....tasting his lips..................

Will will capture many hearts with that attitude!

So... where can I meet you to verify what you've wrote ;)

let me know next time you are in australia and i'll be happy to provide personal verification ;)

the beginning of something! Keep going babe!

This is lovely..;)

thank you

Very nicely written my friend. :D

thank you my dear

thanks charlie. great name btw :)

awwwww babes..... i hear ya.....

well yes but i am always happy to practice more ;)