It Left Me In A Daze.

Most mornings my husband is rushing to get out of the door and pokes his head in for a kiss on the forehead, or a quick peck on the lips.

This morning before he left, he came into the bathroom while I was in the shower. I pulled back the curtain and stuck my forehead out expecting the quick goodbye kiss that I have come to expect, but instead he put his hands behind my neck through my wet hair, and pulled my lips into his. I felt my entire body relax and sink into that moment.

A few moments later he said his standard, "I love you.", and "Have a good day." but he had a giant grin on his face. His cheeks were flushed from the steam both literal and figurative I'm sure.

That was 3 hours ago, and I'm still thinking of it. The rest of my morning has been hazy thinking about the amazing kiss my day started off with, and needless to say I cannot wait until he gets home this evening.

shysweetncurious shysweetncurious
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"Once he drew with one long kiss my whole soul through my lips, as sunlight drinketh dew." ~ Alfred Tennyson