Best Way To Light Things On Fire

No matter how the sex goes, soft and tender or wild and kinky, there is nothing better than having passionate kisses to start things up and light up the fire to follow. At the end of the day, it is about "love making", and there has to be passion and lust tied to it to make it great. Passionate kisses that involves soft tender smooches that evolves to parting lips and lustful deep frenchies, add a dash of teasing nibbles and soft biting, and then kisses up my neck and behind my ear.... mmmmmmm.... I am open for anything from there. You just have to know how to push my buttons.... giggles....
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4 Responses May 18, 2012

Dear Tanyalamei, I really have to agree, I think the best part of love makeing is the kissing and touching. the isurtion is very nice also. but i feel the after and before heavy nibbling and french kissing makes the whole thing great

hhmmm so lucky the first one to know which buttons should open up 1st....

You and I are just alike in many ways.I love to make out with deep french kissing and all that good stuff.I like to touch all over and like to be touched myself before I go down on her nothing like liking and kissing a very wet ***** then sliding your hard **** in very slowely and then pull out and let her suck you and start all over until both have an awesome ******.my kind of lady.

Would love to massage ur sweet lips.