My Garden

Please visit my garden
Where you can partake
The hour is now we shouldn't wait

Please visit my garden
....slow kisses reside
Remember always I will be by your side

You can dwell in my garden
Where the fragrances wait
Will kiss you my Darling
There is no time to waste

A garden of pleasure
Where kisses are found
There will always be plenty
As they do abound

Please visit my garden
My garden is sweet
As blossoms speak out
As they silently plead....
Won't you be my companion
Let me share in my passion
As I taste of you mouth
Where passion is found

Won't you visit my garden
That has many mansions
With rooms of compassion
That contain so much passion
DeGracia DeGracia 51-55, F 2 Responses Jun 10, 2012

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There is passion here aplenty, in this garden here I find ,where the mistress she awaits me and to me I hope she's kind, Kind enough to share her kisses, pleased enough to grant my wishes, find a tree where her bliss is bosom friend. There are warm and true sensations to be had in this garden now I feel the passion grow, will it flourish will it perish that dear friend I do not know, All I know is for the moment I reside in paradise, and for ever I will wonder is there anything as nice, Can my soul be left to wander will the passion ever die ,will my heart be truly broken when we part and say goodbye

You are a true Master...yeah! The first poem I have ever received
Thank you
I do appreciate it...God has blessed you

Thanks John...don't know where all this stories are coming from... Like I said I think I have a split personality this crazy life...I guess she is taking over...& since I am tired...she can <br />
( as they say in red neck vernacular) git'er done....Hahaha