I love to kiss and so does my hubby.Thank god because if you can't kiss good, then we do not need to go any further. When we got together we were lip locked and i think that's what sealed the deal for us.  We are both mad passionate kissers and together wow it's explosive.
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<p>I love to smile, hug, and kiss others. Yes, of course, I am an excellent in all three areas. I love smiling, hugging and kissing my husband, our 9 children, and our male and female friends. I lead most of the time by getting real close chest to chest, smile, place my outstretched arms and hands around their back and give them a good firm hug. When kissing, I look them in the eyes, move my head and face close to them, and then open my mouth with theirs, and place my tongue in theirs. They usually follow my lead. We have a great lip lock for a minute or so. It is so refreshing to find a good kisser.</p>

Amen to that sister!! I know what you mean about kissing...bad kissers stink!!!

Don't totally kills the mood if they cant kiss.