The Best Kisses Actually Start Out As Non-kisses

The best kisses start out as kisses that aren't actually kisses yet....the ones that start out where your lips are as close to touching as possible,,,but aren't actually touching...YET.

You are feeling their anticipation as you also anticipate the inevitable kiss to come....your lips may just graze over each others a little,,,but they don't actually touch yet.

You feel their breath quicken and maybe sense their heart beat through her hand that you are holding,,,,,,,,as you are as close to someone as humanly possible,,,,without yet kissing.

Then your lips brush over each others...... softly...teasingly,,,,,not kissing yet.....just the feel of her soft lips is enough......for now.

Then,,,,,,the kiss progresses with the proper foundation now laid for a proper, lengthy, passionate, sexy kiss. You feel her appreciation for your approach to the kiss when she teases you with her soft tongue over yours,,,and now, the kiss can lead to an amazing, fun, sexual experience......

Anyone in agreement with this??


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Jul 6, 2012