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Unpredictable Kisses..

Have you ever walked on the beach with a significant love? Holding hands and just enjoying each others' company then..

The moment in silence because it was something that was said..

Face to Face...

A kiss on the forehead so smooth and gentle..Just the beginning..

The cheek from left to I'm breathing slowly...

Oh!! The going down.. still breathing slowly ...

Lips touching very slowly, so smoothly, tenderly, and so passionately..breathing faster and faster...Whispering words one can imagine saying...

A pause..The kiss returns to both sides of the neck.. So nice..The breathing is slowing down.. lips is still wanting more, but back hand in hand..wishing it would last forever.. 

Kisses are so unpredictable, but it does make you feel so magnetic; passionate..
PrivateLegit PrivateLegit 46-50, F Aug 4, 2012

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