I Love Kisses

I love kissing mostly a good tougue kiss it puts me in the mood very quickly I have been told i am a great kisser and i have lovely soft lips mmmmm
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lovely soft lips and sensual touch make great kissing

ye mmmmmmmmmmmm

My tongue touches your lips....you open sweetly.....I enter and find you hungry

I know exactly what you mean. Kissing is awesome.

:-( I can't say I've ever experienced a great kiss like the ones you give. It makes me happy that at least one person out there can give them! :D

Just reading your description puts me in the mood. Makes me want to pucker up and MmmmMMMMmmmmmMMM . . . !


Deep French. Lots of tongue play. xxxxx

Lemme taste sweetheart mamdo...Ummmmm..mwaaahhh..:-*

Lemme taste sweetheart mamdo...Ummmmm..mwaaahhh..:-*

I also like to kiss. Its THE thing that gets me going. the more passionate the better.. x

yes i agree

I agree, A long deep kiss is the best it's so passionate and sexy.<br />
I'm sure you are a great kisser :)

i am :)