My Love My Love

My love
I will never wrong you
I will never hurt you
In any way
My love
This is all because
I can't not say it
Ever enough
I love you.
Your part of my life
You are my blood
You are my tears
You hear my deepest thoughts
You are my deepest feelings

And with the tears in my eyes
And the blood in my veins
All that will ever matter
Is that you are right there
By my side
You will never leave
All that matters to me
Is you

In my finger tips
I feel your beating heart
Through the nerves
In my hands
That have held you close
That have helped you through
All the times you were down
I helped you back up
Onto your feet
And gave you the strength to keep living
Because I couldn't bear
To lose you

Because all that matters
At this moment
Is my commitment
To you
And how much
I always want to be there
Just for you
Because I know
You'll always be there
Just for me
And no one else
Because all that matters to me
Is you
calvin1991 calvin1991
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012