Kissing In The Dark

You finish what ever you have had to do to my car. You wash your hands of grease and grim but there is still a hint as you walk towards me I lean on the wall you turn off the light to make it look as if we are not there. Then your arms encircle my waist and my arms go round your neck you say in a loud whisper trying to be sexy but failing "hello" and you make me smile. Then I sense your head coming towards me I know what's next I open my mouth by a tiny bit and our lips touch gentle movements unless your need for my kisses are more than mine for yours our lips move just occasionally I feel your tongue finding my lip or adventuring into my mouth I never know if I should do the same with mine it feels almost wrong in a way which is mad after all what we are doing is wrong you have a wife yet here we are kissing each other in the dark. Finally our lips part we have a final peck and then you say something silly and I giggle you go and turn the light back on I push the button to open the garage door and you expertly drive my car off the ramp. You smile say thank you I say that's OK and I readjust my seat and go home having had yet another gorgeous kiss from you. Thanks
shall13 shall13
41-45, F
Dec 8, 2012