My Dream Kiss

.1. First you touch my face gently at first with one hand stroking my cheeks
.2.your hand on my cheek u touch my lips with your thumb
.3.then your thumb goes into my mouth then use your other hand to hold the back of my neck , holding me tight
.5. more fingers into my mouth, while squeezing the back of my neck harder now kiss me gently
7. u use your hand to open my mouth wider
.8.look at me holding my mouth open while your squeezing my face and back of my neck roughly lick my lips
10.your tongue goes into my mouth while you hold it open
11.your hand moves from the back of my neck to the front of my neck holding me tight squeezing my throat
12.the hand on my face moves around the back of my head, grabs my hair and you twist my head sideways now hold my hair twisting my limp head to one side, while squeezing my neck with yer other hand
14. now you full on kiss me, your tongue licking inside my mouth exploring with your tongue, sloppier the better
15. as my knees go weak, still hold my hair and throat, u lower me to the floor and with me lying on my back, as you are holding me still with the hand on my throat, your other hand touches me and unfastens yer jeans and you have sex with me roughly all the time your hand on my throat and your other hands groping at me, u lick all over my face. dont forget to continue the sloppy tongue licking inside my mouth, as gravity helps you to fill my mouth with your saliva,
AmyGirl123uk AmyGirl123uk
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013