Seeing Mum And Mrs Strickland

I have always believed that the loveliest way to show you care is to kiss. I adore seeing people kissing each other. I have often just sat on a seat at the railway station and enjoyed seeing people kissing goodbye, or welcoming home. It is is such a warm feeling, like no other feeling, except sex or seeing somebody on the toilet that I know. This occasion was both wonderful for me and also a shock, but a shock that made me feel so excited I '***' in my trousers just being there, a silent witness. I had a couple of days off work and decided to go home to Newport and visit Mam, normally I would phone ahead, but somehow I felt I wanted to surprise her, just to see the look in her eyes, a look that I have always remembered from my schooldays.

I arrived home in the early afternoon. On impulse I decided to buy Mam some undies and went first to Reynolds in Commercial Street. They had some of Mams favorite panties on sale, french open crotch ones. I decided to buy two pairs of them and also a sweet 'teddy' they had on sale. I love to wear a teddy myself, such a snug fit always and it helps to snuggle my bits more comfortably.

With my presents I left town and drove to Mams home. It was such a lovely sunny day that I wasn't surprised in the least to find the front door open. I stepped inside and was about to call out Mam its me when something, I have no idea what, just a sixth sense I guess, whatever it was I crept down the passage, past the lounge and towards the kitchen. I thought I heard something, I tiptoed further until I could see into the kitchen. Then I saw them, shocked for maybe a split second, then overwhelmed with joy and excitement at what I could see. Mam was sitting on a large, soft leathe4r two seat sofa, a favorite place of mine as I grew up, she was kissing her next door neighbor and her best friend, Lillian Strickland. In fact they were kissing each other, really kissing, lips almost buried into each other. Mams blouse was open and Lillian was smoothing, feeling, running her hands and fingers over Mams breasts, Mam had her hand under Lillian's skirt which was high up on her thighs and I could clearly see that Mam had her hand under Lillian's panties and was stroking and fingering her *****. It was incredibly sexy, I had my zipper on my flies down and was feeling my already hard penis. It was wonderful just to see the way they were loving each other. I am not sure what happened, whether they heard something, whether I had made a sound, but they suddenly broke off their embrace. I quickly scooted away down the passage, then called out, "Hi, Mam, its me, thought I'd surprise you." I walked down the passage as Mrs Strickland, a little red in the cheeks brushed past me and went up the stairs to the bathroom mumbling that it was nice to see me. When I got into the kitchen Mam had buttoned her blouse and although red herself gave me that lovely look, the smile that always made me want her so much, as she hugged me and said it was a wonderful surprise to see me.
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Jan 17, 2013