Love A Good Kisser

I forgot what it was like to be with a woman who was a great kisser. I was enjoying a glass of wine the other night while chatting with a local woman in one of my favorite chatrooms when some of the other chatters began urging us to meet. After half an hour and another glass of wine she and I both agreed to meet in a location near her house where we could meet face to face then report back to the chatroom.
Twenty minutes later I was pulling into the parking lot of the agreed upon establishment and quickly noticed a van the same make and color as what she described hers as. I pulled alng side and was quickly asked to get in the passenger seat. There sat the woman I had only previously seen in photos and I sure was not let down by her in the flesh. We made introductions and she immediately leaned across to offer me a kiss. Being a bit horny from the wine buzz I leaned towards her and met her lips with my own. She quickly and unexpectedly thrust her tongue into my mouth which I must say immediately drew a rise in my shorts. Having been married 10 years to a woman who only would give a short peck on the lips, this was one of the most arousing kisses I could recall ever having. We continued our tongue swapping kiss for several minutes while we each began exploring the others body. We took a short breather and continued our erotic kiss for a few more minutes then we both decided that we should stop before we passed the point of no return. I sat there taking in the beauty of this marvelous kisser then she asked that we make this a monthly meeting, we swapped telephone numbers and each went home. I am now so eager for my next liason with my newfound kissing buddy.
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