Kissing Is A Lost Art And So Adds Everything To Intimacy

Kissing, whether it leads to making love or not, is very very important in a relationship and so important. If i am in a relationship with you i would desire intimacy so constantly with you.. It wouldnt matter if we made love out of each time, or even if it involved anything other than my hand on yours or around your waist, and to kiss you.
This kiss could be a lite kiss, a touch of our souls, to a very deep, long, and highly sensual kiss. I so feel that too many people go straight for sex... whether it be a male or female and that is their basis for intimacy and if the core basis, the intimacy is not there, then the relationship gets stale and disappears.
I love to kiss and so start very gently, feeling the fullness of the lips, the warmth and softness there and so just enjoy that. A kiss can be so extremely gentle, or very hard and unfullfilling. I love a kiss that offers so much, offering ones soul to another..then type that lites up the fires inside and melts your mate to you. That kiss, or group of kisses says 'you mean the world to me and in you i find everything i could ever need want and desire'... it is the kisses that says i could be with anyone anywhere and time, but i choose you... i want you and i want you forever and 4 days (smiles in my last relationship with my mate..prior to her death it was a catch phrase that so bespoke volumes of love between us) and that to you i am your mate.
Intimacy is so much more than two parts that meet (in my opinion while the act of sex is wonderful and so very fulfilling, it is a small part of being in love and making love) it is about touch is about connecting with the other and caring for each other. Intimacy is all about always wanting what is best for the other. A relationship is all about connecting with the is about building bridges and wanting the other to feel love, not about having the other feel used and taken or worse about being just a ho for sexual gratification. Kissing is one of the many wonderful bridges with your is like a caress, a brush of your hand on theirs, words of affection etc. Kissing is such a very important tool to a relationship, so very intensely having to ability to convey love, adoration, need , caring ...everything... or a kiss can be in some cases demanding (in a healthy relationship that can be good if balanced) and conveys such a sensuality and desire for oneness. In short i believe a kiss...intimacy is so terribly important for any relationship. i am carpenterjim65 at yahoo if you read this and would like to know more. if youd like to comment or to connect plz do. thanks, jim
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Love your story.....very insightful. It all starts with a kiss.....

Thank u. Ur really sweet

Gee, if I weren't love a truly romantic guy. You guys are one in a million! I was lucky enough to marry one. I wish you luck on finding the woman of your dreams.....

I hope to experience that. Right now, I'm just trying my faith and hope in my current relationship. It's long distance and I'm okay with it so far.

i would like to talk w u plz... jim

That was great jim. Very well expressed. It's about a deep connection. Let's talk again.

thank you, there are many aspects of love and intimacy and it soo has nothing to do with two body parts. hope to chat with you, jim

Well said:) A kiss makes all the difference:)

The best part is when its done slowly with the one you greatly admirer... Thank You for your input...

I believe this all has to do with horoscopes on whether or not your kidding styles, rhythms match etc. But I agree, kissing is often more thrilling and intimate to me than sex itself.

its interesting i always make sure to give a goodbye kiss but kissing in general isn't something I LOVE to do I really could take or leave it

smiles i think untill you find the right person to have that chemistry with you will never have the fires of passion get ignited n realize some things like a kiss and how it can be, how it can so arouse your passion and your inner soul

guess not lol

each person has different hot buttons and turn ons/offs mine doesnt have to be yours, if we were a couple it would be about trying to plz and care for you, to totally make you feel that desire, passion and love (if applicable) as we build something together.

your funny (: you talk like a cheesy romance book but were all different your right and I think its funny so carry on with your wisdom and thanks for sharing the story

WoW!! you have my vote!!!

i believe wisdom can grow with time, as it did for me, and i know myself so much better now than when i was in my teens or twenties. i am glad each of us has the ability to grow and mature. the only risk with maturity is that some ppl become stuffy and pithy and is of no use to themselves or another (like a relationship where you give all to another yet the love is so not returned ...sad. xoxo jim

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