A Kiss

It's that moment just before the kiss, you're looking into his eyes, and he looks back, there is intensity, passion, and honesty in that moment.  He leans forward, and your eyes close.  His lips gently brush over yours, and then brush again, lingering a little longer.  Your lips part and the tip of his tongue flicks across yours, as the kiss deepens.  He pulls you closer and his hands tangle in your hair as the kiss goes on and on.  Finally you pull back, a little surprised, shaken by what you're feeling, and your breath catches in your throat as he kisses you again.  Lost in the moment you feel emotion, desire, need.  This time when he pulls back he catches your lower lip between his teeth ever so gently then rests his forehead against yours.  You stand there in his arms, and you think you've never felt quite like this before.  Then he steps back, softly kisses your cheek and says "I'd better go"  You whisper goodnight, and watch him drive away, wishing that it was soon enough to see him again.

cedricsmom cedricsmom
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2 Responses May 10, 2009

How very beautiful! Thank you. ♥

me too...mmmmmm wow that's an intense description of a slow kiss.<br />
too bad I didn't get that kiss before he drove away and I had to get on the plane LOL