Kisses Or Sex?

There are moments I think a kiss is more intimate than sex.  The very first kiss with a person can be that, surpassing almost everything.  If it's really passionate it promises all the delights that may follow. 

It's not that hard to distinguish a kiss like that.  It starts with the lips touching, then slightly parting to allow a tongue to slip in between them, then to this move the other tongue replies with a lick, and another lick, lips part wider to allow the tongues free access to both sides of the border, then they intertwine, play, caress each other and wander to every corner and then it becomes almost impossible not to use other body parts to express the feeling...


Those kisses, aren't they why we are here?  To receive and give them?

Do I ever get enough of them?

moreandless moreandless
56-60, M
Feb 14, 2010