I Never Knew What A Passionate Kiss Was......

I was in a relationship for 18 years not once did I ever have that passion in our kisses.  We recently divorce and i started dating this gentleman and when he first kissed me i wanted to melt.  I never knew that you could kiss someone so passionately.  The more we keep dating the more the kisses became passionate.  It was almost like I could feel his feelings for me.  I love to just sit on the couch, cuddle and be kissed.  I never imagine a kiss feeling so wonderful!

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I wish that feeling for everyone. It is the best! --DW

I am so very well pleased to learn that i am not the only one. My current man kisses just like that, I absolutely love it. Being lovers and kissing so passionately makes it a whole another experience. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I loved reading it.

It's funny you should mention that you learned the magic of kissing as a grown woman. My current lady is divorced. She tells me that she and her ex never kissed. Can you believe it? Never kissed!! <br />
I came to realize this one day not long ago at a restaurant. It was late in the evening, not many customers, and we were seated in a booth in a darkish corner. I was next to her in the booth, as I always prefer to be when I'm on a date.<br />
We held hands as we talked and nibbled our shared dessert. I leaned toward her to kiss her. Although we had been lovers for several weeks, we'd never really kissed. As I placed my lips on hers, cupping her chin in my hand to lift her face, her mouth was tight closed and her lips and jaw were tense.<br />
Gently I stroked her chin and cheeks until she relaxed a little. Slowly, I opened my mouth to run my tongue gently on her lips. She took the hint. Soon our tongues met each other. <br />
As you can guess, we have been a kissing couple ever since.<br />
Thank you for stimulating this memory.