My wife and I have been married over 20 years.  When we met I had a mustache and have worn one for most of my life.  To find a picture of me past the age of 17 without a mustache is very rare.  A few years ago I added a small beard.  Early last year my wife said if I shaved my lip I would get sex more often because she would enjoy kissing me more.  It didn't quite happen that way so I grew it back.  We get to early this year and the same conversation takes place.  Only this time yea I'm getting it a whole bunch.  Just a few days ago I had not shaved in a couple of days and gave her a big kiss.  Then she said, no more kisses til you shave.  So I went in shaved.  Last night I got smart, I shaved and then went and gave her a big kiss and I got laid last night to boot.  Clean shaven is the way to go if you want those slow passionate kisses to lead somewhere.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Well the beard is back, the slow passionate kisses are on hold for now so I just switched to morning sex. I wake up, get hard, start rubbing my **** on her *** and the next thing she is spreading her legs and I am taking her from behind. The beard doesn't matter when you *** in from behind.