The Best Part Of Intimacy

Sometimes we just hold each other and kiss.  There are no words, just our lips pressed together.  I don't want it to stop - ever.  I just want to stay in that moment.

But then as we go on, the breathing gets heavier.  I can feel my own heart beating faster - or is it hers?  I can't tell as we are pressed so close together.

I draw my hand up her side and caress the skin along her waist...oh, I'm feeling it.

She squeezes tighter and the fingers of my other hand dance across the skin on her back.  She tightens her grip, drawing me clower, closer.

Our lips have never once parted and I can feel the steam starting to build.  I want her.  I want her for all time.  I don't get to kiss her enough.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

the kiss

I enjoy the anticipation of the next time...

I enjoy doing this.

WOW....Very passionate indeed<br />
<br />
Enjoyed reading this ......